Trees in relation to design, demolition and Construction recommendations BS 5837: 2012

With an increasing emphasis being put on trees within the planning and design process, we can help with everything from the initial tree survey, through to site supervision during the development work. This ensures that your business has clear and comprehensive information and that potential problems can be addressed at an early stage.

Services in this area include:

                                                            Tree surveys, Visual Tree Assessments(VTA),       Risk and Threat Analysis

                                                            Arboricultural Implications Assessments,               Mortgage Reports

                                                            Tree Protection Plans,                                          Planning Service

                                                            Tree Constraints Plans,                                             

                                                            Arboricultural Method Statements.                           

We use the most up to date technology whilst carrying out this type of work including GPS and laser rangefinders for plotting and measuring trees as accurately as possible. Handheld GIS and software systems allow data to be logged and processed in real time on-site. We use CAD and tree mapper for producing site plans allowing clear representation of tree positions, sizes and shape as well as the location of protective fencing and any other relevant features. 
We can advise on type and location of protective fencing, use and storage of building materials on-site which could affect the trees, and replacement planting should trees need to be removed.